Handbag Heaven: Lauren Ladylike Satchel Review

2:55 PM

When I was younger, I never really cared for or "got" the obsession with handbags. In fact, I carried around an old peace-sign tote bag from Limited Too(holy throwback, Batman!) until I decided I needed a little more organization. Now that I'm older, I'm beginning to realize how fantastic handbags can be-- you can use them to add a pop of color or a surprise element of style, all while still being useful.

That being said, I rarely ever own multiple handbags. It's mostly because I'm so careful with my money that I never see the point in even having more than one. However, accessories are quickly becoming my weak-spot, and I actually gave in and bought a new handbag, even though I already owned one.

To be fair, my old handbag had a variety of problems. 1.) It was tiny, and only big enough to hold my wallet and maybe a tube of lipstick. 2.) It was beginning to get a bit dingy around the edges. 3.) It was pink! I love pink, but didn't consider how awkward it would look to have a pink bag strapped across my chest while wearing certain outfits. The colors just clashed!

Enter Handbag Heaven, a discounted handbag retailer with a huge variety of bags, from satchels and totes, to clutches and cross-bodies. I browsed the website for a while before deciding on purchasing the Lauren Ladylike Satchel, a classic and feminine satchel with gold detailing. It arrived in a couple of days, and I'm quite happy with the purchase!

The bag is made from a sturdy, smooth leatherette in a beige color that has proved quite difficult to accurately capture on camera! It's not as cream-colored as it appears in the website photo, but it is slightly darker than the picture above. The color on the website was one of the major things that drew me to this bag, so I was disappointed when it arrived and I saw that it wasn't exactly that lovely cream shade, but the actual color is still appealing, so I decided to keep it.

It also features some really nice gold details, from the lock on the front to the gold corners, and a few gold accents on the straps. The bag is a tad smaller than I expected, but I've been able to put everything I need inside of it without stretching the material out, so that was a nice surprise! I love carrying it both by the small handle and by the removable 22" strap.

The interior is divided into three sections, one of which is a zipper pouch, and there is another zippered pouch on the side, and two open pockets on the opposite side.

The bag did arrive with a few imperfections. The first being the little dent in the small handle, as you can see in the photos above. It's not a round arch as it should be, but it's really not something that's bothered me too much.

The second imperfection is that some of the stitching that attaches the small handle to the top of the bag was ripped up. However, there is also a gold piece that appears to bolt the strap to the bag, and I can easily re-sew or hot glue the flap back down. It would have been more effort to return the bag than to repair it myself!

All in all, this is a great bag for those of you who are looking for something structured and sturdy, but still elegant and feminine. The Lauren Ladylike Satchel is a lovely, timeless piece that will add a touch of beauty to any outfit!

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